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Master of Science (M.S.) Thesis:
Benchmark Creation for Circuit Partitioning Algorithms

Components of Operating Systems

Dynamic Cache Resizing and Frequency Scaling using Machine Learning

Verilog HDL Parser

Design of a 5-Stage Pipelined Processor

High Speed Calibratable Angle Resolver using Verilog

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Dissertation:
Smart and Energy-Efficient Home Automation using Gesture Recognition

Biometric Database Protection using Public Key Cryptography

Portable Patient Monitoring System

RF Mobility, an RFID based 'Track-n-Trace' project

Biometric authentication using signature verification by a novel cascaded algorithmic approach

Algorithms for Embedded Computer Vision Systems

Real-Time American Sign Language (ASL) Recognition

Handwritten Character Recognition using Neural Networks

CMOS Camera C3088 interface for Atmel AVR ATmega16 Microcontroller

Object Tracking using Image Warping and Kalman Filtering

Digital Watermarking

Design, Development and Implementation of FIR, IIR and Adaptive Filters

Text-Independent Speaker Recognition using Mel‐Cepstrum

Digital Temperature Sensor

Project based on the event ‘Roll Of Die’ using Image Processing Algorithms

Fire-fighting Robot

Mini Projects

Web Design Projects

Presentation and Report: Maglev Trains

Presentation and Report: International Trade

Presentation: IPTV

Presentation: Urban Green Ideas

Presentation: Linux v/s Windows

Presentation: PCT Proposal

Presentation: Basics of Web Designing Workshop

Presentation: MATLAB Workshop

Presentation: North America Presentation

Presentation: Fiber Optic Cables

Presentation: Web-Based Home Appliances Controlling System

Workshop Flyers: PC Assembling, Linux and Windows 7

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